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​​​2014-2020 Digital Fine Art Market:
A User Perspective Multi-Client Study

​​​​​​​​​The market for Fine Art Papers which are compatible with digital ink jet printing technology, is experiencing a period of growth. However, little is known about the growth drivers or whether this growth is sustainable over the longer term. This multi-client study aims to reveal the needs and requirements of individual’s who produce Fine Art prints digitally​.

Project Overview

The research study aims to educate subscribers about the current state of the market and the market drivers. In addition, the study will research the views and opinions of Fine Art media users to understand their brand and channel preferences, buying criteria, printing technology and critically, their media choices and rationale.
In addition, Lightwords plans to update its unique Fine Art Market forecast to reflect latest research findings and market trends, out to the year 2020.

The research will be of interest to OEM’s, Paper Mills, Paper Coating Companies, Converters, Paper Merchants, Distributers, Agents and Service Providers.

To produce this report, Lightwords will use three research resources:

  • An online survey of qualified Fine Art media users targeting over 200 qualified respondents 
  • Phone based interviews with a range of Industry Experts
  • Data-points from Lightwords Graphic Applications Service Workbook​​

​​Primary Research Study: Key Areas of Focus

  • ​​Understanding the needs of individuals who produce Fine Art prints, digitally

  • Investigate users views and opinions of:

    • Major media brands (Both OEM & Non OEM)

    • Media characteristics and preferences

    • Key influences on users printing habits

    • How frequently users print both today and in the future

    • Where and how users buy media

    • Where and how users learn about fine art printing

    • Alternatives to printing and their influence

​​Quantitive Analysis

  • The Digital Fine Art media market including:

    • ​Fine Art media shipment and revenue data for 2014 - 2016

    • Fine Art media demand forecast to 2020


​​​​Using on a web based survey, Lightwords plans to target Professional Photographers, Artists and Advanced Novices, Wide Format Printers and Service Providers working in the production of creative artwork, portraiture, landscapes, weddings and other event photography to understand a range of usage patterns and preferences including the frequency of printing, reasons for media choice, finish, weight and base tint requirements.

We also aim to probe into the specific demands users make of their media such as the use of high ink coverage, specialist or aftermarket ink usage, custom finishing and archiving techniques.

The project will consider a range of media types including Alpha Cellulose papers, Cotton Based products and a wide range of Canvas and Poly Canvas media.

In addition, Lightwords will include in this research an update to its Worldwide ink jet Fine Art media market forecast workbook. The workbook includes shipment and revenue data for 2014 to 2016 and, provides a forecast to 2020.


​​​​​​​Lightwords shall produce a client customizable, MS PowerPoint analysis with over 60 slides featuring charts and graphics illustrating research findings.

Clients will have the opportunity to provide direction to the key areas of focus for the study and, have these reflected and emphasized in the final analysis and project deliverables.

Lightwords will include a Worldwide, EMEA, North American and ROW in-depth, regional quantitative analysis, in MS Excel format, which details media shipment and revenue data. ​

Clients will receive a comprehensive Analyst briefing with 5 hours of inquiry time to address questions from the reserach findings.


  • Lightwords expects the project will take 10 weeks

  • Start Date Early Q1 2017

  • Lightwords requires a minimum number of participants to commence the project

​​For more information Call: +44 (0)1270 878850​​​