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​​Graphic Applications Service

The Graphic Applications services looks at the wide format ink jet market from the application first ensuring the strongest consideration of market trends to drive insight, analysis, opinion and numbers.

We segment the wide format market into five application groups:

  1. Point of Sale / Point of Purchase
    POS/POP covers the wide range of signage used in stores to promote goods and services. The applications range across hanging cards for short or long term promotions, pop-up’s and roll-up’s, banners, shelf graphics and backlights
  2. Mass Market
    By Mass Market, we're talking about posters and displays in bus shelters and on billboards, fleet graphics, vehicle and building wraps.
  3. Event Graphics (includes Trade Shows)
    As the title suggests, this segment captures everything from trade show displays (both portable and fixed), stadium signs and museum graphics.
  4. Signage
    Here we look at directional signage which includes traffic signs and city displays.
  5. Decorative Graphics
    Our final category considers the market for wallpaper, canvas fine art prints and photo enlargements. We also look at floor graphics, printed carpets and murals.

There are five components to the Graphic Applications Service:

  1. Market Forecasts
    Using Microsoft Excel, LightWords produces an indepth quantitive analysis of each application group. We track media  shipments back three years and forward 4 years.
  2. Wide View Insight Reports
    Lightwords invests heavily in maintaining its network of industry contacts to ensure the correct interpretation of information is used. With a focus on disruptive technologies and their effect on the market, these reports consider the application trend, the Analog (Screen) to Digital production crossover point, hardware installed base trends, ink technology influences on the application, media trends and end-user influences
  3. Analyst Briefings
    Clients of our Graphic Applications Service receive a comprehensive Webex briefing designed to discuss the application trends and forecasts from your perspective.
  4. Inquiry Hours
    Access to our analysts on your terms is a fundamental requirement and our aim is to be there when you need us be it a custom chart, data-cut or just to talk about noise in the market. Therefore, included in the project are 5 hours of inquiry time for just such instances.

Want to know more or just need data or insight?

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Lightwords Graphic Applications Service

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